Education program

Ukrainian Modern Art Lab creates a series of educational programs, the main aim –  is creation of dialogue between artists, students of creative occupation and curators, gallery owners, critics, art historians, representatives of the Union of artists, designers and photographers.

Types of educational programs:

  • – workshops – students and young artists will be able to learn from well-known authors of their theoretical views and practical approaches in art. Selection of trainers for workshops will be carry by coordinators and curators of Ukrainian Modern Art Lab during educational program;- round tables discussions –  set up to consider cross-cutting issues in contemporary art practice in Ukraine, for discussions on current topics. The round table encounter Ukrainian and foreign professionals in various fields of art. Everyone is welcome for participation in round tables;- lectures – a systematic and consistent presentation of material and topic coverage in history of art, design, pictorial art and the life of famous artists.

Workshops, lectures and other types of education programs are carried out of members of various trends in contemporary art: painting, design, sculpture, cinematograph, photography, performance and installation.


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