Curatorial support

Priority task for Ukrainian Modern Art Lab is discovery of new names of contemporary art in Ukraine. We support young artists, sculptors, photographers, performers, all of creative people who want to express themselves. Help to develop their creativity and brand for all who work in line with global trends who are active, create exclusive product have plans and ideas, who seek to bring them to life.

Types of curatorial support:

– Creating a catchy brand for artist;

– Advice on choosing the author’s style, selection the style of art;

– Planning and presentation of artistic biography;

– Selection of a mentor in creative sphere;

– Selection of managers of sales;

– Organization of exhibitions;

– Brand promotion in mass media, PR-actions;

– Convoy of artworks and presentation of  author at international exhibitions;

– Work with art collectors and gallery owners.

Selection of applicants is carried by coordinators and curators of Ukrainian Modern Art Lab.

Send information about yourself for the application review.

List of required documents:

– CV + creative biography (participation in exhibitions, projects, workshops);

– Motivation letter;

– Link to e-portfolio, or send artworks in letter attachment.

Send your application to: info@umal.com.ua.

For more information call: +380991108618 +380631340237.

Submit your application for e-mail address info@umal.com.ua you are agreed to information posting  on website umal.com.ua.