“In every period and in every society there are things that considered unallowable. Contravention of that things moves time forward. In fact, there is no violation. Just conservatism leaves too narrow confines of the art. “
Teodor Currentzis in the article Svetlana Polyakova, “About limits “Territory”. The New Times, 2007, № 36, p. 59

Ukrainian Modern Art Lab gives an opportunity discover contemporary Ukrainian artists and their works online. No limits, new views … a world of artists, creative part of society who searching meanings of humankind. Art which full of unstructured symbols and images, is much more relevant for intelligent audience, modern society, tandem of art community and critics.

First of all, UMAL team aims to create a friendly creative environment, and cultural and educational media space. As a platform or a project in art field Ukrainian Modern Art Lab declares itself as a unique place to share experiences, inspiration, views, actual topics in the socio-cultural direction. Collections and projects of artists presented on the site are relevant to modern times and realities of world.

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